Tattling? Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That.

So I recently have had a love/hate relationship with this stage of the age of THREE. Oh, there are so many things I LOVE about this stage. But gosh, there are some things that I literally can’t even deal with. I think this may be super specific to raising twins.





The boys have been at a stage where they love each other so much than two seconds later are airing out each other’s dirty laundry to us. We are the lucky recipients of their complaints which are super logical and include statements such as:

“Mommy, Micah said chair. MOMMY, MICAH SAID CHAIR!”

“Mommy, Jojo said dinky. MOMMY, JOJO SAID DINKY!”

In which our responses have been super patient and along the lines of:

“Guys, no one likes a tattle.” [From Mom]


*Ignore and avoid eye contact in hopes that tattler will become distracted and not tattle.*

They have fought long and hard over toys, over what shows to watch, over what clothes to wear, down to the pajamas. Connor McGregor would be proud. These parents though? Not amused. This has felt especially long and drawn out now that we are forced inside due to the early darkness and colder weather we’ve gotten. Because they are together in a closed space known as home, they are in each other’s faces all the time. img_0846

Evidence as follows:

img_1121 img_1122

The highlights of this age?

They apologize to each other and to us, kiss and makeup.

Their vocabulary has exploded out of the park.

They are easier to take places and when we take them out, it’s usually a blast.


Okay bye.

4 thoughts on “Tattling? Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That.

  1. Random Squeaks says:

    I can’t seem to comment on the app any more but I had to say something. You are NOT giving me hope for my future! I’m already getting over my head in “No! M, that’s MY toy!” and “No V! No do that!” And they aren’t even tattling yet! Got any coping tips besides avoiding eye contact? I’m pretty good at that one already. Maybe I should just take them to the park every day and wear them out.

    • Tales Of A Twin Mombie says:

      Girllll. This is the story of our lives right now!Half of the time they play with each other and love each other so much and the other time they argue lol. Yesterday we couldn’t take the bickering so we took them to Target to distract them and us. It worked! When they are out and about it’s easier, but the prolonged hours of being home, not so much! Hopefully this is a phase that will pass soon!

  2. Nikki says:

    We are almost exactly at this stage, I hear ya! Also, did or do your joys repeat something they see a millions times until you acknowledge it?! That is happening in our house. All. The. Time.

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