That one time we ALL caught the stomach bug.

So my little family and I spent our winter break in Dallas, Texas visiting one of my best friends and my niece. Everything was going swimmingly well when…until it wasn’t. We ended that particular Tuesday night on quite a high. My boys were in bed and sleeping, her daughter was sleeping peacefully, and my husband insisted we have a girls night. First stop? Target obviously (that mom life haha) and then we hit this adorable coffee shop and spent time just reflecting on where God brought us and where we were at life. We spoke of how grateful we were for one another. We laughed, we cried, we did it all. After that, we headed home and watched a few episodes of One Tree Hill on Netflix (reliving our teen days), we cracked up hysterically over extremely ridiculous things,  and off to bed we went.

In the middle of the night I started to feel really strange and weird. That feeling you get where your body wants to get rid of what’s inside of it but you’re trying to sleep it off? That was me. By Wednesday morning I knew something was wrong – I ran to my husband and said, “Babe, I feel really sick. I think I’m going to be sick – I feel like I’m gonna throw up!”

My mind was thinking – okay, mom down for the count but at least the hubs can take care of the boys and I can deal with this. Instead I was met with a dreaded, “Baby, I feel sick too!” OH, HECKS NO.

NOOOOOOO. In the words of Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time for that! Especially when you’re a parent! Especially when you’re a parent to multiples! Especially when you’re in another state and not at home! NOOO!

When I went back to the room where the boys were, M-berry had thrown up all over himself. Oooh boy.

I went to my friend and told her what was going on. She immediately took over and made a list of all that we would need to survive this apocalypse stomach bug and headed off to the store. When she came back she insisted we go to sleep while she watched all of the little ones (our two boys and her daughter, my niece). We obeyed with little reluctance. She checked up on us a few times and every time she did I noticed she didn’t look too good herself. Finally, I heard the sounds I’d been dreading coming from the bathroom. The bug hit her too.

At one point, it was like a scene out of the movie Bridesmaids. Think about it this way – everyone is sick, one bathroom. It was a nightmare but also hilarious. We took bonding to another level. Most importantly, we survived it! The boys are r-e-s-i-l-i-e-n-t. They handled the stomach bug like little champions.

In the end, as traumatic as it was…we learned a lot from the experience. I think I learned a lot about myself as a mommy such as:

  • Mom’s don’t get a break – even when they’re sick. Not going to lie. When my husband is sick, he is pretty much a baby. I feel comfortable writing about it because it’s something he’s admitted himself. He has a cold? WORLD OVER. So this stomach bug was pretty much his worse nightmare. He threw up once (as opposed to myself, who endured it about a zillion times) and was down for the count for a day and a half. Halfway through the second day, I basically told him – pull yourself together. We are parents, we don’t get “breaks.” Even if we’re sick. In between being miserable, I was taking care of the little ones and doing the things that would be expected of me as a mom. My best friend was the exact same way, taking care of herself and her daughter like a champion. It’s that mom life, whatcha know about that?!
  • In the end, hold on to the fact that you will laugh about this someday. My best friend and I kept saying, “We’re going to laugh about this at some point,” in the midst of the horror unfolding beyond us. We laughed about it the next day, over soup and clear soda.
  • I am strong and resilient, just like the little ones. I am strong. I too am resilient. Stomach bug can’t take me down – take that stomach bug!! *Insert emojii punches here at stomach bug*
  • Motherhood leaves little room for selfishness. When I first felt the waves of sickness crashing over me, I wanted to go to my mommy, crawl into bed, and not make an appearance until I felt better again. As a mother though, you don’t get that luxury because you have little ones to take care of! In my case, two toddlers. They depend on me.

Trying to sleep it off.


So that’s the story of my winter break. I will post soon about what traveling 22 hours by car with toddlers looked like and how we made it. Here’s to not seeing the stomach bug again for a veryyyy long time.

7 thoughts on “That one time we ALL caught the stomach bug.

  1. mrspunkandpretty says:

    I rember my husband telling me.. “Nay you can’t be sick because your a mom of twins.. You are stronger than a fever..” And i’m like.. “Uhmm ok. Give me a double doze of vit C”. Lols!

  2. futuresoccermom says:

    OH my goodness. I really feel for you. The stomach bug is the worst! My twins got the stomach bug together the day before their 1st birthday party last summer. And I got it the next day! And that was bad enough – I can’t imagine EVERYONE having it at the same time! You had a great attitude about it all though – you rock!

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