The 1st Birthday Dilemma – We can’t agree.

So…we are a few months away  from my boys’ first birthday. They were born on July 26, 2014. We plan on celebrating August 3. The dilemma is this – do I have a small celebration or do I go big? If so, should I have an indoor party or an outdoor party? Lastly, WHERE am I going to have this party? The last one is my biggest dilemma. My husband and I just can’t seem to agree. He wants to host the party outside in our backyard, I want to use a hall and do an indoor party. I do NOT want to do this for several reason:

  • Our yard work requires a ton of work. A tree fell down in the backyard a few months ago and it would need to be hacked, sawed, cleaned up.
  •  When we did some remodeling in our home, we created a section of debris for the drywall. My husband’s responsibility was to put it in a truck, take it to the dumpster. Needless to say, it is still there.
  •  Because we would be celebrating their birthday in August, it will be scorching hot. The people we are inviting have babies, children, and some will be elderly. My home will NOT accommodate all of these people…so the majority will have to be outside.
  • If it rains, we would have to cancel the entire party.
  • It would be more of a stressful experience for me than it would be a “fun” one.

This is all meeeee. I know people host plenty of outdoor, successful parties…but the idea gives me serious apprehension. We do not own a single outdoors “thing” for our backyard except for a grill. It would be more cost effective to host something indoors.

My husband feels that it’s simple – throw a tent up in the back and done deal. Um…what about tables? Chairs? What about everything else?! AHHH. He is actually a good party planner, even though I am making him out not to be one…haha. He threw me a baby shower along with my mom and it was absolutely adorable. If we can get on the same page for the location of this party, we will be in good shape. You may be thinking, why are we even worried about the party now? Since it’s the summer time, I am not working and need to put money aside, buy things now, and also make sure that everyone saves the date for this occasion since people vacation often in the summer! So yes – these are my challenges. Our original plan was to do something super small but too many people who love the boys want to come to whatever we do. I don’t want to gip them or the boys. People love them and I appreciate that. Decisions, decisions. We need to figure something out soon so that we (and by we, I really mean me) can have some peace of mind. Also, we are throwing around what to do for the theme. I want to do something music related!

Share your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions! My ears , wide open !


17 thoughts on “The 1st Birthday Dilemma – We can’t agree.

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      Elisha you are speaking my language…lol. What on earth is an inflatable fun factory? Do explain! I

        • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

          No, not around here! We do have places where you can rent those things though and put them in your yard!

          • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

            Wow that’s a really good idea actually lol. I’m not sure if I will do blow ups for this birthday since they are so small but it is a good idea to keep on the back burner just in case!! 😀

  1. Less to More says:

    If you do it in a hall, that can be a lot of work too, hauling everything there, unless the hall is fully equipped with everything. If you have the party at your house, do you think everyone will want to be inside? Maybe people will spread out, with some preferring the cool indoors and others wanting to get some summer sun. But, I hear your concerns. You will definitely need more than a grill and a tent in the backyard if you want to lure some people outside

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      True! I think the idea of a hall is especially tempting for me because we are close friends and/or related to several pastors in our town (my dad, best friend’s dad, and my uncle lol) and I’m thinking I can probably use one of the hall’s for pretty cheap! I do see my husband’s point too..what will I have people do for activities indoors. AHH. lol.

  2. timelessmama says:

    We had the 1st birthday at our house with only a few people and I was exhausted afterwards and then there was all the cleaning up. It is tricky though with the cost of outsourcing. I guess a park is out of the question given the heat?

  3. jonsie13 says:

    I get the planning ahead. I am 34 weeks & the 1st bday has already crossed my mind. Haha! I’m a planner. And a big birthday person. I like the idea of a park. Normally the pavilions that are offered are shaded & cool enough. Minimal cleanup, low cost, entertainment included for the most part. And the kids can get messy & its no big deal.

  4. randomsqueaks says:

    If you host at home, maybe you’ll be motivated to do all that yard work that’s been out off. You’ll be glad when the boys are bigger and want to run around outside. Advice from the less experienced mom with younger twins. 😀 I don’t even want to think about my babies first birthday, other than having to plan around Thanksgiving.

  5. futuresoccermom says:

    I feel you, lady! My twins were born July 14th. So yes, it’ll be here soon. And like you, I feel like I need to get going now because it’s kind of a big thing, to plan this giant party, and also people are on vacation in July! It was a funny coincidence that as I got your post in my email I was in the middle of looking for bday party themes for one year old twins. I need to get those save the dates out stat.

    I’m thinking about an “ice cream” themed party – maybe just an ice cream social actually, without a ton of other food. And the desserts will look like ice cream cones. And there’ll be a sundae bar. I don’t know.

    I have no words of advice, just that I’m right in the midst of all this with you!

    At this point, I’d say you can’t have a party outside with no back up plan, so we’re going to use my mother’s house which is bigger than mine. My husband is the same – throw up the tent, it’ll be FINE…okay…right. They don’t understand why we plan. Ugh.

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      lol it’s soooo true. I’m like HELLO, what about food? Where are people going to eat? Nope, all you need is a tent. lolol. Yeah it’s can be a good thing and a bad thing to have a summer party – it’s great because of good weather but in the summer there are weddings, parties, bridal showers, and mostly people vacation. Honestly, as long as my immediate family can make it, along with my close friends – I think we will be fine! I should send out save the dates too..are you doing that on FB?

  6. Amber says:

    We have July babies too, and had similar planning dilemmas. We did a splash party (eg inflatable pools under tents for babies to play in). It worked really well, we started with smash cakes then dunked babies in the pool. The crowd thinned enough for indoor gift opening. We served finger foods. I have all the details posted on our blog- check the index if you want to see.

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