The baby-sitting struggle. The date night dilemma.


Lately there have been SOOOO many amazing movies that have come out that I have been itching to see. I have been straight DESPERATE to see these movies. “What movies?” you may ask. Here they are:

  • Divergent – Because DUH the books were AMAZING. I don’t care if it’s not just like the book, I don’t care if I’m not a big fan of the actor’s they’ve picked. I MUST see it!!!! So that I can criticize it myself and finally be able to see the film version of one of my absolute favorite books!
  • God’s not Dead – The title speaks for itself. God’s.Not.Dead. With a title like that, I have to see it. I have heard nothing but rave reviews for this movie and I love Jesus and agree with the title – God’s not Dead. Come onnnnn and let’s go!
  • Heaven is for Real – Read the book. Total eye opener. Heaven, from the perspective of a child. Need I say more?

However, our dilemma has been finding a sitter so that we can have a date night. When I was out on maternity leave it was sooooo much easier. Why? Because I was with the boys all day, so people (and by people, I mean my mom and mother-in-law) were glad and more than willing to watch the boys for us. However, lately we have found it really hard to find a sitter for our twins. One of the main issues is because the two people that we rely on the most, watch the boys during the week for us. This means that on their free time, they want to keep it just time. Can I blame them really? At some point, they need to tend to their own lives too. I get why it’s more difficult for them to give up the weekends. Our dilemmas:

  • Tis’ the season for parties, bridal showers, and weddings. Most of these events are adults only (don’t get me started, I have a whole post waiting to be written about that one..). There seems to be an event EVERY weekend. It is a near impossibility to find a sitter for every single event. Also, what if…just what if…on a weekend, I actually wanted to spend time with the two boys I am away from all week long. Let me stop. I don’t want to rant!
  • Because we use up our babysitters for these events (especially weddings, since I am related to the people getting married!), it’s hard to get them for date nights.
  • There are only 3 people, to be exact, who are willing/capable of watching our boys on their own. Two of these people we are related to, the other is a single mom who is extremely busy on her own end.
  • Because we have twins, it’s hard to find ONE person who will watch them alone, besides the 3 people mentioned above. Can I blame them? It took me a few months to get comfortable with being on my own with my own babies. It can be challenging.
  • When we are invited to an event, usually our babysitters are invited too. This means…who will watch the boys?

Good news – we were fortunate enough to snag my mom for this Saturday so that we can sneak away for a couple of hours! This was awesome because usually my mom and dad go out and do their thing Saturday…but because my dad is busy with work, it freed up my mom for this weekend. SCORE!! Now to pick what movie we will see! I’m almost tempted to watch two movies back to back (haha) because who knows when we will find a sitter again? Oh well, at least we have one date night coming our way!

What about you? What do you do when you want to go on a date night and need a sitter? Do share!

12 thoughts on “The baby-sitting struggle. The date night dilemma.

  1. mommytrainingwheels says:

    Hehe. I was just thinking the other day that being spontaneous doesn’t work out as well once there are kiddos around. We’re lucky enough that both my family and my partner’s family live close to us. We also have some younger siblings that still live at home (and, in fact, my little brother – 19 years old – lives at my place) so we have no shortage of sitters. What we do have a shortage of, is time. Maybe we could do a little exchange: I’ll send you a sitter if you send me some time ;).

    Hope you have a great time Saturday!

    By the way, I am ITCHING to watch Divergent too!

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      Ahhh, to have no shortage of sitters…amazing! Sounds like a good trade off..I will get the babysitting instructions ready..haha

  2. Less to More says:

    Finding sitters for date nights can be challenging for us too. We’ve done a lot of movie nights at home after the kiddies go down for bed. I know it’s not the same, but we have to make do. We’ve done babysitting swaps with another couple … you watch your kids tonight and we’ll watch yours another night. It’s a win-win. 🙂

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      We’ve done movie nights at home too! We buy candy, soda, everything we would buy at a theatre..and the minute the kiddos are down, we pop in a movie! It works out well..but still makes me miss actually leaving for dinner too! Babysitting swaps sounds like a good idea..I may have to make a few offers to people who have babies!!

  3. randomsqueaks says:

    I’m in the same predicament but for other reasons. I’m still usually too exhausted for much of anything socially. My mom helps me four days a week so she’s willing but not thrilled to use her free time to babysit right now. Can’t blame her. Now my babies have started this whole “you aren’t one of three people I see daily therefore I don’t know you so I’m going to scream” deal so it’s really hard to leave them with anyone else, even my in-laws. I sure hope they get over that soon!

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      OMG, my boys are starting that too! Stranger danger I guess? I am trying to keep exposing them to different people so that they can learn to be comfortable with others, for our sake and for theirs!

  4. journeyformybaby says:

    Hummm that’s a tough one. I can see how people would be nervous to watch twins. If we lived closer, I would watch them! Tru loves playing with little humans his own size. It’s adorable. But you already know that lol. You have twins! 😉 I hope you enjoy your date and movies.

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      Aw thanks! I wish I lived closer to a lot of my blogger buds because the baby cuteness is out of control! So many cute babies in one Thanks girl!!

  5. acuriouskatie says:

    What’s a date night?! Haha. We have only been out a couple of times and that’s usually when we’re visiting my parents and after Charlotte’s asleep. We need to figure out a plan because we NEED to get out, although I need my husband to be in the same city as me first 🙂

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      lol, very true…step one, being in the same place at the same are amazing for handling so much on your own! That’s not easy! Yep, party time goes down when the boys go to sleep (not that we don’t love having them awake, but every parent needs some me time!) nights are a must to survive!

  6. pinkcanuck says:

    I was in nursery at church on Sunday, and the 16 year old that I was doing nursery with shared that she loooves watching children, especially babies and toddlers. She shared that she rarely gets asked to babysit. It got me thinking… do people no longer ask a teenager to watch their kids? She is so responsible, trustworthy, good with kids. Have you considered a mature teen from your church, asking them if they would be interested? They sometimes can make the best “date night” babysitters.

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      I have considered it! The only problem is that our church is a state away and about an hour and fifteen minutes away when it comes to driving. When we are actually in church, I hand over my babies to some of our teens because they are eager to hold them! I also have a cousin who will watch them but doesn’t feel comfortable watching them without an extra person with her. Teens can be quite lovely!

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