The beauty of sleep! Toddler talk. We have arrived.

We are fourteen months in and I have been doing lots of reflecting. One of the many things that I’m grateful for is ……SLEEP! Yes, sleep. If you have been following my blog, you know that I posted many a blog post abut this topic that is close to my heart. Mostly, sleep and how bad I wanted it but wasn’t getting it. You can check out my previous posts:

…and even my blog name. Clearly, getting sleep with twins was some straight DRAMA. Seemed like an impossibility. Until…it wasn’t. Enter sleep training and routines. We read books but ultimately listened to advice from a friend of my husband’s and our doctor. I’m honestly grateful for putting the boys into a consistent routine. We have been getting sleep for quite some time now [since they were about seven months?] and it’s so much better! The boys are 14 months now! What I learned –  when we are rested, we are happy people! I think it’s really important for little ones to have a consistent bedtime and a routine.The boys go to sleep every night at 8 pm and wake up everyday at around 7 am. This is what our daily routine looks like:

  • 7 am – Boys wake up. Change boys and give them milk.
  • 8 am – Breakfast
  • 9 am – Naptime. This varies and sometimes happens at 10 am too. We don’t force them into naptime but every day without fail, they get cranky and go down for a two hour nap.
  • 11 am – Snacktime
  • 12:30/1 pm – Lunchtime
  • 2 pm – Milk
  • 3 pm – Catnap
  • 5 pm – Dinner
  • 7 pm – Milk
  • 7:30 pm – Pajamas, storytime, brush teeth
  • 8 pm – BEDTIME!!

Note: I didn’t include all of the times the boys snack or the times they are drinking water throughout the day. This happens frequently. Also, some of these things vary depending on the day but the one thing that is consistent is the time they wake up and the time that they go to sleep. They go down every single night without a fight. Even when people babysit them (rarely) they are surprised at how, without fuss, they will go to bed at 8 pm without rocking, music, or even a bottle. The boys know that once we have gone through their routine and they are in their crib and the lights are out, it’s bedtime. A minute later, they are laid out in bed. On the rare occasion that there is crying, it lasts no longer than a few minutes until they are both down for the count. This has helped us keep our sanity – especially and particularly with multiples! I am truly grateful for routine. I know this may not work for everyone and not everyone is even interested or concerned about this, I totally respect that…but for us, sleep was essential. Especially since we both work. Yes, both of us!

Here’s the latest – my husband left his job in June and the plan was for him to be a full-time stay at home dad. His job was stressful, horrible, hostile, and altogether a terrible situation. We didn’t know what our next steps were but decided that he would be a full-time stay at home dad. WELL – looks like our plans changed again! A month ago a friend hit me up on fb and asked if my husband would be interested in working for the real estate company she works with, dealing with foreclosures, taking pics of the houses, etc. The hourly rate wasn’t too far off from what he was making at his previous job, and she offered it as a part time position. I ran it by him, he said yes…and long story short – HE LOVES IT. Not only that, but it has pretty much morphed into a full-time position, he is paid weekly, it is close to home, and most importantly – HE LOVES IT! Totally unexpected, but we are going with it. It’s also flexible so if he needs to take a day off he can. He can stop in to see the boys while he’s out doing his work and more. It’s pretty amazing. So yeah – that’s where we are at right now. God is good!

Also – remember how I wrote awhile ago about finding a church closer to home? Well, we finally found one. It’s amazing. Our current pastors have asked us to delay leaving the church until after Thanksgiving, since my husband helps with keys/worship. In the meantime, I’ve started to visit the church on my own every Sunday. This means that my husband and I attend different churches on Sunday. We each take a baby and head out. Can’t wait to be “reunited” after Thanksgiving and settle into our new church as a family. Overall, I am happy!

I miss all of my bloggy friends in the blogosphere. School is kicking my butt major. Can’t wait to catch up on everyone’s blogs! I leave you with a pic of the babies’ 1st haircut!


They are 14 months! <3

3 thoughts on “The beauty of sleep! Toddler talk. We have arrived.

  1. randomsqueaks says:

    I’ve been wondering how you were. Glad it’s all good news. Completely agree with you about sleep. It’s a total mess with us right now and I can’t wait to get back into a routine.

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