The Benefits of Living in South Jersey


For a time when I was younger, I loathed where I came from. “It’s boring here…” “This place sucks…” were the typical things I  thought. But the older I get, the more I appreciate East Coast living. Particularly South Jersey East Coast living. There are tons of benefits.

  1. Beaches and beaches galore. 

An hour away tops, we can choose from Ocean City, which is literally known as one of America’s BEST family resorts out there. And I’m not even being paid to write this. If you want a different scene, you can choose Atlantic City, Wildwood, Wildwood Crest, Cape May [which has beautiful historical Victorian houses and Lighthouses as well]…the list goes on and on. The point is, there is a beach for everyone and every occasion. I recognize that some people in other states will never experience a beach in their year. We have close proximity to some awesome ones.

2. We are a train ride away from NYC. 

Drive one hour to the train station. Hop on a train for two hours. Reach your destination. You are in New York City. People travel across the world to come to one of the most amazing cities that exist. We are only a few hours away and can go whenever we want. I have gone to NYC so many times and never take it for granted that it’s SUPER COOL that we have such easy access. NYC during Christmastime is especially a treat.

3. We are only a few hours away from Washington, DC. 

Washington, D.C., the nation’s capital and another place that people travel across the globe to check out, is only a few hours away. It can be checked out during a day trip, though we’ve had the chance to stay there as well and check out. AND THERE’S  SO MUCH TO DO. Georgetown has a trendy shopping area, cool restaurants, and obviously, there are all the historical sites too. And only a few hours away.

4. We are only forty-five minutes away from Philadelphia.

Another city that is so rich in history and also has a ton of things to do for families, singles, couples, etc. The Please Touch Museum is a MUST for kids, specifically toddlers! Penns Landing has a rich nightlife and is beautiful on summer nights. And it’s so close and easily accessible. It also has an amazing Ikea. Which is vastly important. Ha!

5. You can live close to a cool city without the city life – if you want.

As much as I love visiting cities, I am a country bumpkin. Sometimes I think I want to own acres of land. I like having a neighborhood I can walk my kids in, I dislike traffic, and people I love live in the city so I can have the best of both worlds. A win-win situation!

Ultimately, I enjoy living on the East Coast. There are tons of benefits! Though, if God wanted us to, I would be open to moving down South as well. Like I said, I’m a country bumpkin at heart.

6. Great variety of countryside and Jersey Fresh fruit/veggies.

South Jersey has a lot of country, farms, and all of the like. Jersey is known for having some pretty stellar produce, known as Jersey Fresh, and if you’re a foodie you will love that. And the fact that there are a bunch of farm stands where you can buy it some at any moment.

7. Tons of fall fun. 

I think South Jersey does a pretty great job at offering tons of fall fun from hay rides, to pumpkin picking, to apple picking, and more. Some of the top South Jersey hotspots to hit for this fun:

8. Rowan University, a Nationally accredited university, located in a fun college town.

I’m definitely biased because I graduated from Rowan University. Rowan has come such a long way from the time I’ve graduated, which has been about seven years or so now. It’s such a good college and it’s not as overwhelmingly large as Rutgers, which is another ridiculously amazing school (my little bro went there) but if you are into a small town vibe, Rowan is probably a good in-state college for you. Also, has a killer education program. Of course, this is my alma mater, so maybe I’m biased? Nope!

Overall, South Jersey has its perks and benefits, although it’s not necessarily the most exotic place in the world, it has some upsides. Thought I would share!

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