The drama of haircuts. Why we started cutting at home.

Haircuts with the boys have been a rollercoaster – sometimes okay, sometimes terrible, but mostly something we absolutely DREAD. We’ve had decent experiences, but the terrible has weighed out the decent. They typically go to a barbershop here in our city and have a specific person that cuts their hair who is GREAT with kids. They sit in the little airplane and she tries to get it over quickly. Sometimes the experience isn’t too bad, other times it’s horrendous. Depends on the day?

Here’s the thing though – when one starts to get upset it’s pretty much over for the both of them. They pick up on each others reactions, so if the first person to get the haircut starts to cry, it’s pretty much downhill from there. We bring lollipops, snacks, anything we can do to bribe comfort them. On top of that, since we go to a very popular shop, we have to schedule it in advance and it takes a lot of planning and feels like a project. We end up putting it off for a long time because we dread it so much.

The worst experience was when we decided to try a walk-in place just to get it over with and to avoid having to work out entire schedules around. HUGE MISTAKE! The girl that was assigned to cut Micah’s hair looked miserable. She also cut herself! She had bandages ready and said, “oh, not a big deal – this happens a lot..” WHAT?! Micah’s haircut was atrocious and I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. My husband was livid. Lesson learned – never again. Β Here is the proof:



Mom, this haircut is so awful!! HOW COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN TO ME?


After that, we immediately called our normal hair person and scheduled an appointment so she could fix it. Even she was surprised at how terrible and uneven it was. Micah did REALLY well at that appointment. Could the solution be taking them to get haircuts separately? After that whole ordeal, we were kind of traumatized and decided to try to avoid it as long as possible. But could we avoid it forever? Not really.

Plus, here’s the other thing – my JoJo seemed to be the worst when he went to get his haircut. He would let out a scream that could break glass the entire time, practically hyperventilating and screaming so loud I was convinced my ear drums would burst. It was awful. For all of us. What parent wants to see their child that upset? But we would go, deal with it, leave shaken and say “Never again, never again..” but…

Time passed. Soon, it was “that” time again. Haircut time. NOOOOOOOOO.

This time my husband suggested he give the boys a haircut.

Me: Ummmm….what?

Husband: Yeah, get me some clippers and I can do it.

Me: Ummmm….again, what? Do you even know how?

Husband: I used to do my brother’s hair when we were young.

Me: *Not fully convinced but desperate to avoid the barbershop* Okay…

And so, we purchased a $20 Wahls set from Target (before the spending freeze) and got everything ready. We put JoJo in the highchair, gave him a lollipop and turned on the clippers. We let him touch them, we put it on and made it seem like it was a cool toy. “Jojo, LOOK! How cool! Listen to how it sounds!” We put on his favorite television show and did the deed. Guess what?

He was fine. Perfectly. Fine. He didn’t shed ONE tear. And the hubster didn’t do a bad job! Here is what the end result was:


Not too bad for my husband’s first time?! After that, we contemplated if we wanted to cut Micah’s hair. He has a different kind of hair texture and has hair that is finer and we didn’t want to buzz cut him. We let two days pass and then decided…ahh, what the heck? We felt a bit overconfident. We shouldn’t have.

We discovered a barber or stylist is more suitable for Micah’s hair. It didn’t come out disastrous, but it wasn’t as good either.

Verdict: We will cut Josiah’s hair at home. We will take Micah to shop [unless we get desperate or lazy].

The current status of my babies below -content and not caring at all what their hair looks like.


Benefits of cutting at home:

  • Money saving.
  • Pinterest and YouTube offer tons of tutorials and tips.
  • FREE. FREE. FREE. Did I mention FREE? Yeah, this is the same as money saving.
  • The little ones may be more comfortable in their home environment, making them less stressed out.
  • Doesn’t require schedules or planning as much.


  • Hairstylists are professionals.
  • Hairstylists can scissor cut (something we aren’t comfortable with) and can create specific hairstyles you might want for your toddler.

You decide! I can say I was happy we tried because it worked for at least one. Share your experiences. I’m interested to hear about what everyone’s experience has been like.



13 thoughts on “The drama of haircuts. Why we started cutting at home.

  1. journeyformybaby says:

    I usually cut tru’s hair at home. I’m not great at it but to be honest, neither were the professionals. I can handle the situation at home better although he never really made a scene at the salon. It was just that he wouldn’t sit still!! I do scissor cut but I admit it’s choppy. I practiced on DH for years though lol. I practically force him to go pay for a haircut now just to avoid the embarrassment his hair causes me when I cut it . πŸ˜‰

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      Ha!! Yeah, honestly, I think that they’re so young as long as it’s not completely butchered, it’s hard to tell how awful it is (except with Micah’s hair lol) and it’s so much easier at home for us too!

  2. futuresoccermom says:

    Great post! I’m at my wits end for my son- who last time at my place ended up getting his haircut on the floor, while I pinned down his arms and legs. It was truly terrible. Never again. So next time I told my husband to take him to his barbershop but maybe we should just try it ourselves. The problem is we have no idea what we are doing!

    • Amber says:

      One thing that seemed to help my son who is terrified was taking him to a children’s salon with many distractions while it wasn’t busy. We were the only ones there so it was less stimulating. Glad I’m not the only one who has dealt with a screaming kid at the salon! My husband really did a botch hair cut so unless you are doing a full clipper cut, beware πŸ™

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      Thank you! It’s the worst πŸ™ Sometimes I don’t know who leaves more traumatized, my son, the stylist, ME, or the bystanders! Augh!! I personally have no idea what I’m doing, but my husband felt like he could do it and I felt like we had nothing to lose. It didn’t seem difficult to buzz cut! It was a challenge with Micah’s hair because of the kind of hair he has, it’s more fine and it goes in different directions. I’m surprised to find out how many people actually cut their children’s hair – even in the grade level I teach, some of my students say their parents cut their hair (I will NOT cut their hair past childhood lol…because we are not that good at it). I would check Pinterest and some videos and see if they help at all!

  3. randomsqueaks says:

    I love that you were brave enough to cut it at home. I tried to cut M’s hair the first time and it was a disaster. We’ve taken him to J’s barber every two months or so since. My mom keeps saying how easy it is to cut boys hair and I just laugh. Maybe I’ll try again when he can sit still on command. I think it helps that V doesn’t get her hair cut, although she wants to. The last time, she tried to climb up in the chair after M was done. Taking your boys separately might be your answer, or at least worth trying.

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      I am not brave enough – my husband is! Haha!! The challenge varies depending on the type of hair as well! Josiah’s hair isn’t as difficult to buzz cut, Micah’s definitely is. Separate was better! And I envy you having to only have one set of hair cut! Haha!

  4. Amber says:

    So funny you posted this today. I took my boys to get their hair cut, and one of them struggles BIG time, similar to your guys. When we went to a walk in place, he started thrashing, screaming, and crying so loudly the stylist was clearly scared and we had to leave. Hubs tried to do a DIY trim, but H thrashed and made another scene at home, creating a horrific cut. Over the past few weeks I’ve been working with him on desentization. We let him touch scissors and running clippers. We read a book about hwy hair cuts don’t hurt. Yesterday, he was allowed to play at the kid salon while brother got a cut. He wasn’t ready so I didn’t push it. Then on the way home he asked to go back so I did. He was still slightly scared, but sat really well and got his Dad’s DIY cut repaired.
    I’m glad you’re able to make home cuts work for your pair!

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      I’m glad he was comfortable enough to go back! It’s funny how each child is so different and has his own process! Josiah has some slight sensory issues, so letting him touch the clippers, hear them, seemed to help him a lot. Ironically, Micah gave us a much more difficult time cutting his hair at home than Josiah did. We’ll keep cutting at home for one and see how it plays out! Toddlerhood sure keeps us on our toes, doesn’t it?! Ha!

  5. Amber says:

    It was lots of work! And it’ll take lots more work for a totally smooth cut, but it was huge. I’m reading The Out of Sync Child (about sensory processing disorder) for my daughter with clear sensory issues since infancy, but I now see many symptoms in Harper too. Fear of haircuts and small spaces, being loud, overly physical, ect. It’s a great read- if you think sensory issues are involved you may like it.

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      I will definitely have add that book to my list. Josiah seems to have some sensory issues for sure, and he covers his ears when it’s a sound he’s not a fan of. Would like to read more about that for sure..thanks!

  6. Cheryl says:

    I guess I am not the only one who said enough to paying for bad haircuts. I took my two boys to the barbershop and they each got too really bad haircuts in a row. I felt so bad. My then boyfriend, now husband suggested I fire the barbershop and do them at home. Mind you, I had stopped going to the salon myself after he gave me a great haircut shortly after we had first started dating and he is the only I trust near my tresses with shears. I asked if he would help, and he said he would. We got the supplies, a child’s cape, neck strips, and a good set of Wahl clippers, not the cheapies that are noisy, vibrate too much as well as getting hot. We set the chair out on the patio and he gave me tips after I watched a dozen youtube videos, some twice. I was nervous and he did help me with the technique and took over to do the scissor cutting portion and the neckline with the small trimmer. Net result was two great looking haircuts. Success! The next time I was not as nervous, he still did most of the haircutting, but the third time my older son told me I was fired, he said my husband does a better job, younger one followed suit. I am happy (and relieved) that he cuts my hair and my two boys hair so well. It saves me time, aggravation and I figure close to a thousand a year with him being the family barber and stylist. When I was at my sister’s house a couple months ago, she asks my youngest if he would rather go to the barbershop and have a professional cut his hair, he told him they just rushed through to collect the money and didn’t care how bad the haircut is. He said that my husband makes sure he looks handsome. Kind of funny but I always tell them and my mother does as well, how handsome the boys look after they get their haircuts.

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