The “F” word and stay at home dads.

The “F” word. Formula. Yup. I said it. Well, the last time I left you I was crying over two babies who were having meltdowns. One in particular, Micah, who would have them on a regular basis everyday. The doctor recommended that we try this formula:

And gave us a few samples. So we did. Did we see any changes in Micah?
Kind of As opposed to 8685685 meltdowns a day from him, we are down to fewer but I’m not seeing a drastic enough difference to believe this is the solution. I’m going to talk to the doctor at their next appointment. If I’m not seeing a major difference than I don’t see the point of using it still..but we will see.

Josiah is still happily on breastmilk. He did develop some weird skin issue however, but the doctor thinks that it may be related to simply the change of weather. He is super dry and super cracked… So we slather him up with a special kind of lotion. He loves it! He giggled the whole time as I’m rubbing it in lol. He also has cradles!! Treating it with some different remedies (if something works for you let me know!)

Anyway, back to the formula. I will admit, I felt quite defeated having to give him it. After all, breastmilk provides soooooo much awesomeness for babies and I’ve worked hard to provide that for them. I do try to sneak in at least one bottle of breastmilk for him a day. The formula that he requires is $10 a bottle and it only lasts for about a day and a half before we need another one. Our doctor wrote us a prescription but insurance denied it. Annoying! I’m on maternity leave so spending that much is not a help! Again, this is going to be up for discussion at the next appointment. We are going to try Gripe Water today too and see if it makes any difference. Micah is on Prilosec, Zantac, special formula..and still has his meltdowns. He is somewhat more soothable but I’m not seeing a major major difference. *Sigh*

Guess what? We received a surprise this week! The doctors office called us to told us that they had extra Synagis (don’t know how this is possible) and they had us come in to give the boys a dose! They also told me that we are approved to receive Synagis through Medimune for FREE. WHOO!! So grateful for our doctor’s office which fought super hard for us and would not give up every time our insurance company denied us…they are awesome and I can breathe a bit easier knowing that they will be receiving this shot. My trust is still in God 100% and not just a shot, but it does make me feel better, especially with everything Micah went through. I have been fighting yet another cold (I’ve had 3 since August)…so here we go again. This one doesn’t feel as bad as the last, but still.

My friend Lynda came to visit me from Chicago for four days! Here is our time together in pictures:


Visited the Amish in Lancaster, PA…Ben the Amish dude is driving us around and giving us a tour. The man was SO sick and coughing everywhere…I can’t escape.


Lancaster, PA checking out some cute shops and such! Lynda on the left, myself on the right.


The next day we went to Atlantic City and walked the casinos and hit the outlets. Had lunch at a yummy Cuban Restaurant called “Cuba Libre.”


Lynda, Gabby, myself. BFF’s. It was a much needed time out for me ! I was able to shop and have a break and feel somewhat normal. It was amazing. Lynda is such a special friend, I truly wish she didn’t live so far away. We have a great connection and she’s so awesome. I was sad to see her leave!

My husband and I have been in the process of praying about some major life changes. We are considering having my husband leave his job to care for the boys fulltime and go back to college (probably online, but he will be able to go fulltime). My husband is a manager in retail and works crazy hours, holidays, and has been doing so for about 10+. He has worked his way up in the company but we knew this was a possibility when we were planning on having a baby, but with TWO…it’s becoming more of a reality. Why?

Here are our reasons:

1) We don’t have reliable/affordable childcare options out here. Both of our parents are unable to care for the boys fulltime and we need reliability. Daycare would be twice the cost of our mortgage (at least) and one of our salaries.

2) Hubby’s hours and schedule are affecting every area of our life. We are attending church less, getting less time together as a family, and it’s super hard. He will also forever have to work the holiday, like this Christmas!

3) He hates his job (as do I, even though we are blessed it has provided a steady stream of income for quite some time) and staying home with the boys would allow him to go back to school and secure a degree in an area he actually loves.

Why not me?

1) I don’t want to.

2) I love my job.

3) I make more and have better benefits, along with a better schedule (holidays off, summers off).

So this is where we are at. I know if we were to tell some of our friends and family, they would freak out. If we decide to go this route, we will make the move in March or September, most likely September. We’ve been able to survive off of my husband’s salary and be comfortable during this time that I’ve taken off of work. We are responsible, we would never put ourselves in a position that would threaten our family’s well being or our ability to provide for our son’s. NEVER. However, this is a reality that we need to face – childcare. Normally I would never be for this, but lately I’ve been having a change of heart and feel that the benefits outweigh the negatives. Can you please keep us in prayer as we make a decision about this? I would appreciate that so much. If you are a stay at home mom or dad (or mom, if your hubby stays at home) can you share your experience with me please? Thanks!

As always, I leave you with pictures:



Baby by day..bat baby by night!




Oh you know, just hanging out, watching “Pitch Perfect” with the rents’.


Don’t judge us, we’re pretty tired after church.



Micah giving Josiah the evil eye for being fed first.


My little penguins, ready for their first Synagis shot!

560 friends.My greatest blessings!





10 thoughts on “The “F” word and stay at home dads.

  1. K, Twin Mom says:

    Glad to see you back on here. Gosh life is busy with two! I haven’t been around here either. I’ve been meaning to comment on your posts because Liam is super fussy too. He’s my bf baby though. He is on Prilosec. Sometimes I give him Similac Spit-Up because it has rice starch and I think it helps coat his belly. I’m curious to hear how the gripe water works. We have our 2 month apt next wk and I’m going to ask about it. He is fussiest when he’s trying to poop or has gas. Poor little guy. He screams his head off-I call it the murder scream. I try to rotate him on his sides and belly while rubbing his back. It kind of helps, in the moment. Amelia is on formula. We had latch issues. It’s sad having one on formula, I understand those feelings. Sometimes I get her to latch once a day or give pumped milk. I think she has reflux too because she had been spitting up but on the formula it’s been fixed. We just switched to the Enfamil A.R. and I think it’s better already. I am now a huge fan of Enfamil. They sent me a sample and more coupons, and today I got a sample of little to go packs. Similac was binding up Amelia so bad. She only poops if I give her bm. But on the Enfamil, her poop is already turning a more normal color. Maybe Enfamil has a special formula like the one you have? I’d contact them.
    GL w/ the SAHD thing. Your reasoning is completely understandable. 🙂
    Are you on Twitter? I just signed up. It’s so much easier to manage w/ my limited time. I found this guy on there: Good twin stuff. 🙂
    I’m not editing this and typing w/ one hand while a baby in the other, so hopefully it makes sense, lol.

    • roadtofertility says:

      Hey! Sorry I’m so late with responding to this…so is life with twins as you know! haha..Micah had that murder scream!! It’s a lot better now! I tried gripe water but he wouldn’t swallow it, kept spitting it back at me. Now that he’s actually on rice cereal hopefully that helps a bit too. I am on twitter! I’m going to add a widget to my blog 🙂 Micah has improved even more so maybe this Alimentum crap is working!! Time will tell. Thanks for your feedback!! #twinmomssticktogether

  2. Bree @ ThoughtProvokingMoments says:

    If it’s any consolation, Babies ‘R’ Us/Toys ‘R’ Us have a really good formula sale pretty much every month. You can buy the 2oz nursettes BOGO 1/2 off….Just throwing that out there.

    Also I might add… Target sells Gerber Pure water. It’s $.99 a gallon. You can always use that (although not sterile, it is fool proof and sealed) and use powder, IF the baby will take it. It would surely cut down on the cost for one!

    If you’re going to be on the Alimentum for the long-haul, have you heard about or even participated in the Similac Multiple Birth Program? Strong-Moms? The form for the multiples program can be gotten from your Pediatrician. Even though you only have one on the formula, they will send you a case of the formula per baby. 😉 That would help too. If you can’t get the form, let me know….I think I have an extra one around here. Same thing goes for Enfamil. If you ever find yourself switching brands, they have a similar program.

    Lastly, if you get the manufacturer checks, use them! you can use them with coupons and they will pretty much make your formula free. I tend to collect mine, so when I do need to get some Ready-to-feeds, I rarely pay for them. Target has good sales on the formula too. They’re always throwing in a gift card when you buy more than one can/RTF. The savings are there, trust me….I have THREE to feed!!! LOL 🙂

    Hope this helps some….

    • roadtofertility says:

      Wow thanks so much Bree! This is all super helpful. I didn’t know about the program from similac for multiples. I will definitely have to look into that! Target is actually my go to for the formula because it’s not too expensive! Those coupons have been my lifesavers! They’re so helpful! I’m really thankful for all the tips you gave me. Sometimes I feel like I’m navigating these waters alone but I’m glad to know someone who has similar experiences…x 3!! You’re awesome.

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