Twinsies going strong! Second ultrasound for heartbeats!

Here are some pictures from our third ultrasound at eight weeks! Tomorrow I will be nine weeks but this is from Monday..sorry I’m late!




So on Monday we had our eight week ultrasound. It went really well! Both of our twinsies were going strong with lovely heartbeats! Everything looked just where it was supposed to be and they were measuring right where they should be as well! YAY. This is getting real!

I can’t lie and pretend and I’m still not slightly scared…because I am. Infertility scars you. But I am trying to walk in this pregnancy with joy, hope, and believing that God is really going to pull us through to the end with this! I have been having unavoidable morning sickness every morning. It literally happens only in the morning though, though I do feel waves of it around lunchtime and in the evening. The only time I actually throw up though is in the morning. Other than that, I am just feeling lots of tiredness. As much as I hate it, I welcome it because I know that it is a symptom of pregnancy..and the end result will be so worth it!

I told my girlfriends at work on Monday. I basically pulled the ultrasounds out and showed them the one with two and said..”What do you notice!” First off, they were in shock that I was pregnant so they were stunned and when they saw two they were even more in shock. It was fun telling them that way. I didn’t want to tell them until the end of the first trimester but it’s been difficult because I feel nauseous in the morning when I work (as a teacher) so I really wanted to have that support so if I need to run out or need anything, they have my back. Plus, they knew all of the hardships we went through and were there for me through the chemical pregnancy so I wanted them to know the “good” end of it all.

I’m not coming out with anything to anyone else though until after first trimester! I’m on lockdown now.

Tuesday night I went to one of my good friend’s house who is currently six month pregnant. I basically just wanted someone to talk to that I could ask a billion questions about pregnancy! She was helpful. I’m really grateful for the people that God has surrounded me with!

On another note – hubby is sick! I really, really hope that it’s NOT the flu. That would be awful. ¬†Tomorrow I will be nine weeks though! HOORAY!

3 thoughts on “Twinsies going strong! Second ultrasound for heartbeats!

  1. trufflelove says:

    exciting! i have my first 7 week ultrasound next week and hope that i can hear a good heart beat to reassure me that everything is ok. i haven’t seen anyone since my beta and i’m so anxious!!! congrats on your healthy twinsies!

    • roadtofertility says:

      Thank you!! Good luck with your ultrasound!! We had our first ultrasound at five weeks but it was SO nerve wrecking because I started spotting the night before!! Thankfully everything was just fine and we’ve had two ultrasounds since and everything has been so good. I’ve wanted to pinch myself!!! lol but I’m so grateful!

  2. diaryofasinglemama says:

    Congrats!! I remember the “morning sickness” period, the nausea would come and go throughout the day. The only thing that seemed to help was eating….pizza, lol! Like you, I was happy because I knew that it was the placenta and baby doing what it needed to do….plus I got to eat loads of pizza, ha!

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