TWO strong heartbeats ! Seven weeks!

ImageHere is a picture of my two babies! We went for the ultrasound yesterday and the heartbeats are 121 and 136 which is considered a normal range. YAY! I was so terrified I could not sleep the night before, anxiety wanting to get the best of me. When they were doing the ultrasound I literally closed my eyes until she told me about the two heartbeats..hooray!! I have never gotten this far before and I’m so ecstatic! So..we decided to tell a few of our close friends and close family (as in parents and best friends).

This is how it went down:

At work I went out to lunch with my two girlfriends (who are teachers who happen to teach in the rooms next to me). I was feeling nauseous again and mentioned it. They were concerned and asked me if everything was okay, did I see a doctor, all of that.
When I told them “Yes” I did see a doctor they asked me, “What did he say? Is everything okay?” and I responded, “Well…he basically told me I’m pregnant with twins. So yeah..I’m pregnant with twins.” I wish I could have captured the looks on their faces!! PRICELESS. Their mouths dropped completely to the ground and they exploded with congratulations. They are going to keep it in for me for a couple more weeks.

My FAVORITE though was telling my mom today. We went to a bookstore to browse and I found a book that was titled, “I’m pregnant.” I walked over to my mom and handed her the book and she started completely freaking out..”OHMYGOD! OHMYGOD!” and began hugging me! I said, “Mom..wait..there’s more…look at this..” and showed her a picture of the ultrasound and forget it! It was the waterworks! She literally hugged me and spun me around the bookstore while she was shouting OHMYGOD! I’M SO HAPPY! OHMYGOD!” lol it was the absolute best. What was even more priceless was that she goes up to this lady in the children’s book section and points at her children (who happen to be fraternal twins) and says “You’re going to have those!! Are they twins?!” The women responded (good naturedly…thank God! “Yep, they’re fraternal!” and my mom proceeded to say, “My daughter is pregnant with twins! I just found out!!” The women told me that the first six months are the hardest but that it’s awesome and that I will need my mom every step of the way! She didn’t have to tell me that. I know that for a fact. I told my mom to save up her vacation days. Our due date is on September 6th so I will miss the beginning of the school year.

On a side note…I have still been feeling fear about the whole thing. For those of you going through infertility, you can probably relate to what I mean. Infertility really messes with your mind and makes you very I’m afraid to be excited! Yet on the inside..I’m thrilled. I’m throwing all of my trust in God and that He is going to pull us through this entire pregnancy and that I’m going to have two healthy, amazing, beautiful babies at the end of this all.

However, it’s a daily battle. I’m not going to lie. But everyday of pregnancy is a sweet victory. And I’m loving it.

7 thoughts on “TWO strong heartbeats ! Seven weeks!

  1. trufflelove says:

    I just found out about my pregnancy and will be 5 weeks tomorrow. I have so many fears too! I wish I could just sit back and relax while enjoying the ride but IF made me such a worry wart!! Congratulations though, 7 weeks is a milestone! And your sonogram looks perfect 🙂

    • roadtofertility says:

      Thanks so much! It’s not easy at ALL. The best thing is try to keep your mind as occupied as possible and to not focus on all of the bad that can happen (I went google crazy over every little normal only freaked me out. Not a good idea for me. lol) and just think that this is your time!! YAY!

  2. Rachel says:


    The fear is hard. And very very real. This is my third baby and I still battle it, but through Gods goodness I am seeing more faith an less fear everyday. Praying the same for you.

  3. Jes says:

    I just found your blog today and have been reading through posts like crazy. I am almost 11 weeks with twins after battling IF. We got lucky and got pregnant with twins on a month when we were doing nothing while waiting for test results to start IVF. This last paragraph really struck me hard becasue it is totally how I feel. I had a miscarriage at 10 weeks after seeng a heartbeat on ultrasound, so I am still terrified every time I go to the bathroom that I will be spotting. I have told my close friends and family, but that is it. I have anothe ultrasound in less than two weeks, when I will be 12 weeks, 4 days and if everything is looking good, I plan on telling the world! BUt in the mention, I’m still too scared to be excited.

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      It’s so hard when you face a loss so early on! It’s all just super scary but at the same time so exciting! Congrats on being pregnant and being pregnant with twins! It’s such a huge blessing. I remember having a really hard time enjoying pregnancy in the beginning because I lived with sheer terror of going through something traumatic again. I pray that everything continues to look well and I’m sorry for your loss…here’s to an amazing, peaceful, healthy pregnancy journey! Xoxoxo

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