Two year old wellness visit, flu shots, oh my! #Toddlerlife

School this year has kicked my booty. I probably say that every year, but this year has kept me busy and we are only one month in! I teach two types of classes – an accelerated course and an ICR class (a mix of regular education and special education students). This year I’ve decided I won’t bring a stitch of my work home. I want to dedicate all of the time that I’m at home with my family and leave my “work” at work. I know the job of a teacher never ends, which is why I’m in early and stay after twice a week…but I just refuse to drown in school work outside of school. I want to keep the lines unblurred and establish these boundaries so that my family time is dedicated to my family. This means I have been much more of an excellent manager of my time at work. All that to say, this year has kept me a busy bee!

On the twinsies front, the boys had their two year old wellness visit. This was supposed to be scheduled closer to two but I completely forgot to schedule it (super mom points go to me?!) and the only time they could get me in was a bit later. Updates:

Both boys are doing really well.
Jojo – 28 pounds. Micah – 26 pounds.
Jojo – slightly behind in speech but catching up. Micah – right on target.
Jojo – Eczema game strong. Doctor gave us a prescription and recommended Cetaphil.
Vitamin game – NOT STRONG! I am a terrible vitamin giver, but have officially jumped back on the vitamin game again. I’m putting it in some orange juice and this seems to do the trick.
Jojo is in the 49th percentile..Micah is in like the 20th? I think? AHH, don’t remember and the paperwork is right in front of me. Basically, Micah’s a peanut. Jojo is husky.
My husband and I make shorty babies.
Doctor wants us to start potty training.

YEAH. POTTY TRAINING. Can I be honest? I have no interest in starting to potty train yet! I should have started in the summer, but we had so much going on and with work and life it seems a bit daunting to try to potty train them both. Needless to say, I am going to make a full fledged effort next weekend and see what happens! Preferably, I would like to start to potty train them in June when I’m done working…but I’m going to attempt it sooner! Mostly because the doctor is telling us too. Also, the boys still love their binkies. They only use them at night to go to sleep, but I know we have to get rid of them. I’m just d-r-e-a-d-i-n-g it. They sleep so well right now that I’m not wanting to embark on the saga of sleeplessness to engage in a binky vs. parents war (one that they’ll probably win) but I also don’t want them to rock their paci’s until they’re 40. I’ll settle for giving them up by 18.

My husband and I have long ago thrown all of the parenting rule books out of the window. We are the reps for the “Do what works for you” club. So when friends tell me that they’re reading this book by so and so and the book says to do this that and the other thing, I don’t pay much mind. Yes, I read parenting books of my choice…BUT, I take what I like from it and disregard what I don’t. The questions that drive my parenting:

Is my child safe?
Is my child healthy?
Is my child happy?

In the words of my boys, “All done.”

The boys also had their flu shots. They weren’t all smiles after that! In fact, they both have a runny nose and are a bit under the weather. Micah has been on and off with a fever. It’s just funny how differently they handle it. Micah was completely miserable and wanted snuggle me all night (which I loved) while Jojo was still his free-spirited little self.

These boys light up my life. They’re SO MUCH FUN! I truly enjoy parenting these little boys. They’re my loves.

Health wise I’m going to be seeing a specialist to see what my options are in regards to my endometriosis. Tomorrow I have my first consult and hopefully this doctor will be able to give me other options besides a hysterectomy. If you could keep me in prayer, I would love that! Until we meet again loves xxx

Goofing off in the doctor’s office. When we got into our room, it was pretty much complete chaos. To be expected with twins!

Micah was all snuggles, Jojo was all tongue out! Micah managed to muster up a smile for the camera.

This is how he was really feeling though.

My little peanut butter cups are T W O and soooo big. They look like little kids and not babies! My heart!

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  1. Elisha says:

    Thanks for the update. I had to laugh at your comment regarding reading books and picking what you like out of it and disregarding the rest because my friend and I had that same discussion the other day about when people read the bible. They pick what they like and throw out the rest. Anywho…thanks for the update and I am praying for complete healing for you just as God promises. Xo

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