Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I’ve been nominated with this awesome award by the lovely Elisha over at Waiting for Baby Bird .


It’s pretty amazing to be nominated by her because her blog is such an inspiration to me. I you have not yet followed her blog, I beg…yes, beg you to do so. Not because she lacks followers (in fact, it is quite the opposite!) but because she really is such a dynamic inspirational person. Truly. She walks through life with grace, dignity, and strength…no matter what comes her way. Anyway, I was nominated by her for this cool award. Basically, I’m supposed to list seven facts about myself and then nominate other bloggers. I nominate: Less to More, Vapor and Mist, and Paige Ewing Ministries. They are each amazing in different ways. Less to More inspires me in savings, thriftiness, and all things awesome. Vapor and Mist pretty much renders me to brokenness every time I read, yet encourages me and inspires me at the same time. Paige Ewing Ministries is also an amazing, uplifting blog read. Please check them out! Cool? Let’s do this.

1. I would wear a pretty dress every day if I could.
I absolutely love all things girly. Pink? My favorite color. Glitter? Yes please. Ribbons, bows, and such? The more the merrier. That being said, I love to wear girly dresses. Some of that is attributed to the fact that I’m short and dresses are simply easier. Needless to say, I own about a zillion.


2. Every member in my family plays an instrument. Except me.
My mom is a bass player, my dad a guitar player, my older brother a drummer and guitar player, and my younger brother a piano player. My mom used to play in a legit family band when she was younger. They traveled throughout the US and throughout South America as a missionary musical family…when I was younger I tried to get them to teach me, but they had no patience lol. Therefore, I sing.

3. Every Sunday is Hallmark Sunday.

I started this tradition when my husband was working Pretty simple – I watch Hallmark movies every Sunday. They are cheesy, corny, and ridiculously predictable. However, they provide me with some wholesome television. My husband dreads it, I love it…it’s a win situation. For me.

4. It took me five years to “master” Spanish rice.

…and the truth is, I still haven’t mastered it. lol. Spanish rice is so darn tricky to make! Unfortunately, it’s a staple of a Puerto Rican’s diet (being stereotypical, not all…but most) so learning how to make it was a necessity. The problem is, anyone that has tried to teach me can never give me any true measurements. “Add a bit of this, some of that, a spoon of that….” I don’t work like that. So for now, I will continue to attempt to make yummy Spanish rice that is not day glow orange and mushy. Prayers please.

5. I’m a Plato’s Closet junkie. 95% of my clothing comes from here.

If you don’t know what that is, you have not lived! It’s basically a thrift store for young women. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to shop here. When I shop here, it’s an experience. And I mean, an experience. I leave everything and everyone at home, take only the friends that can hang (if you can’t shop for more than an hour here…stay home) and I may or may not have made my husband wait in line early to get some special coupons on a big sale day. Everything is pretty reasonable, I always have a 20% off coupon, and I find unique things from different stores. It’s like having the experience of shopping at the mall without actually having the experience. Uh-mah-zing.

6. Teen Fiction. Yes, yes, yes.

Thank you Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime for providing me with a bevy of teen fiction all within my fingertips. I don’t naturally read a lot of it, but usually in preparation for September I try to read some things so that I can connect with my students and also recommend books to them. Nonetheless, I am officially hooked. I will be doing a post on some of my recommendations.

7. I hate yoga pants.

I heard the collective gasp from the blogosphere when I read that, but alas, it is true. I HATE yoga pants. HATEEEEEE. They sell them everywhere and everyone wears them but they are not for me. If I could eliminate them from the existence of the world, I would do so without hesitation. Not sorry world.

So there you have it, seven random facts about me! I have lots of posts in me so hopefully I can crank them out asap. Future topics:

  • Being a mom, still amazing, but still HARD!!
  • It didn’t get easier.
  • I love them, but they run me.
  • My house has been taken over by a host of little people and toys.
  • Oh Lordy, please bring on the chocolate.

And other posts as such (okay, okay…I won’t be posting all of these but yeah, there will be some…goodness do I have some things to let off my chest..) and I also still want to post pics of my boys’ 1st birthday party, my road trip to Texas, and other things! Until then friends, until then.

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