We survived our first BABY FREE trip!

So my husband and I DID end up going away to celebrate our five year anniversary. Thanks to everyone that encouraged us to continue to so even when hubs left his job. We went away for two nights and three days to Baltimore, Maryland and had an amazing but most importantly, RELAXING time. It was our FIRST baby free trip since the boys were born. Actually, we hadn’t taken a trip in quite a bit in before the boys’ were born in preparation of their birth…so this was super exciting for us!! I will let the pictures speak:


Our hotel was directly across from the harbor, so we spent lots of time there!


Baltimore Aquarium. See those seemingly random sea dragons roaming the harbor? We did that later on. See life-vest picture.


Turtle brothers loving each other. Okay, they’re probably not brothers but this is what went on in my mind lol.


One of the rare pics we have of the both of us, because a nice dude came over and said, “Want me to take your pic?”


Cool sculptures outside of one of the institutes.


Being ridiculous. Cause I had to.


“I don’t know what this thing is supposed to be doing but okaayyy!”


Well, it makes for a good picture of my head.


Baltimore is a stunning city. It’s relaxing and beautiful.


Nighttime view during one of our walks around the harbor. Love!



Couldn’t resist a mirror selfie because it was just staring us in the face in the elevator!


Riding in the paddleboat dragon thing! It was fun for about fifteen minutes until we decided we were hot!! To the pool!


You knew my husband could play piano, but did you know he could play random chimes? Well, he couldn’t. It’s okay though.


The moment I discovered this Barnes and Nobles went on for several floors. PRAISE BREAK.


Thrift store dress for our big night out at dinner! Had to take a shameless mirror pic. I did a lot of these here and I NEVER do these. When in Baltimore I suppose.


My handsome husband! If you’re ever in Baltimore, check out Sullivan’s Steakhouse. Delicious!


Our last day at the harbor. It was sweltering at that point…and another thrift store dress!

Overall, we had such a nice time. We are really laid back vacationers. This means that we usually just go with what we feel at the moment. We spent the majority of our time around the harbor. We checked out the aquarium, browsed shops, went paddle boating, checked out the yummy restaurants, and did lots of swimming and resting at the hotel. We absolutely savored the fact that we were able to sleep in…well, I did anyway! My husband woke up at 6:30 am everyday thanks to being used to getting up with the boys. If I woke up early, I went right back to sleep until 9ish. It was amazing. Originally I told my mom not to text us or call us unless there was an emergency, since she was the one watching the boys…that did not last for a second! WE were the ones who couldn’t resist. We face-timed with them, called, and had pics sent to us so that we could survive. We even left a few hours early (not by much, I promise!) because we missed them so much. It wasn’t easy to be without them but it was so needed!

Moms and dads! I encourage you to take some time away from your little one for your own sanity. I promise, it does not make you a bad parent…it makes you a sane one. Most likely you will suffer some kind of guilt or withdraw…it’s perfectly normal, but it feels so good to reconnect and remember kind of who you were pre-baby. Some people lose themselves completely because they are consumed in all things baby, which is great and which is expected…but don’t lose who you are as a person. Remember the things you used to enjoy. Treat yourself because you deserve it. We have one more summer trip planned, but this time it will be as a family. Can’t wait! If you’re interested in reading my reviews about some of the places we stayed, check it out here. Now, back to reality!

7 thoughts on “We survived our first BABY FREE trip!

  1. chels819 says:

    Loved this! So glad you guys got away and enjoyed time together. You look amazing mama! And the Barnes and Nobles would make me ecstatic too! Glad you had fun!

  2. randomsqueaks says:

    Looks like you had so much fun! I realized I hadn’t seen posts in a while, apparently because I don’t follow you any more. Glad I realized and fixed it! Love hearing from a twin mom just a little ahead of me. 🙂

  3. futuresoccermom says:

    You guys are so cute! Glad you enjoyed your trip. We are taking our first overnight away this weekend for our 5 year anniversary too. Hopefully the twins cooperate with my mother!

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