Weird pregnancy dreams and symptoms.

Lately I have been having some really WILD dreams!! Last night I dreamed that I was at a buffet filled with AMAZING foods of every variety! There was Puerto Rican food (I’m, Shepherd’s pie…Asian cuisine…delicious pastas..basically everything yummy in the world that you could possibly imagine. So I got a plate and kept trying to get my food..first of was like a maze trying to get the food, then when I did pile it on my plate and set it would disappear ! Someone would come and clean the table and take my plate away! I tried eating for about ten hours it seemed and it wasn’t happening for me. Finally, when the place closed…I snuck in and ate the food cold. I woke up and had a craving for a smoothie and some fries. RANDOM. I’m only nine weeks..isn’t it too early for this madness?

Another symptom…you know how constipation is supposed to be a big thing during pregnancy? Well for me it’s the exact OPPOSITE! I wake up having to go, go, get out of the way people! Literally it’s pretty much like…you better be out of the way because when I say I have to go, I have to go! We only have one bathroom in our house. In fact, I just kicked my husband out from taking a bath because I had to go so bad! Sorry boo bear.

Other than that, I’ve still had slight cramping on both sides (this has been happening since five weeks), tiredness. Yesterday (Friday night) I knocked out at 8 p.m.

I have also been sanitizing everything like crazy because hubby had some crazy cold for like two days. Like Sweet Brown says, “Ain’t nobody got time for DAT!”But for real. I don’t have time to be getting sick. The whole thing feels so surreal! But it’s happening. I shall walk in it!! Happy Saturday everyone.

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  1. birminghambell says:

    Oh my gosh I made like 4 shephard’s pies when I was in the first trimester!!! And a dream where people take your food from you is a nightmare btw. I had crazy bananas dreams that first trimester too…but they’ve since died down I’m not sure when they slowed down….
    The prenatals make me have to GO! I alternate and only take them every other day because it’s not pleasant at all when I take them, I need a break day! I keep thinking I need to tell my dr to order me a different kind, but I’ve forgotten to ask every appointment and we are now approaching 32 weeks sooooo it may just not happen.

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