Well, AF has arrived. Time to move forward.

ImageWelp, Aunt “Flo” has officially arrived as of last night. This morning I called my RE to let them know I was on CD1 and tomorrow I will be seeing them for an appointment. They will direct me on what meds I need to take and when in order to be ready for my transfer and also let me know how everything is looking. I am happy that my AF came now (it was supposed to come on Monday) because now I won’t have to miss a day of work.

As for pain, I m trying to have a different mindset and not just lay down upstairs all day like I usually do. I’m thinking that if I keep myself distracted perhaps the pain will not seem as intense. I have also been trying to eat regularly so that when I take my meds I don’t feel completely nauseous. Usually, I completely lose my appetite around this time and when you add the vomiting that usually occurs (sorry to gross you out) I lose several pounds which is NOT a good thing. I am 5’0 tall and weight about 106. Last time AF came I lost about 6-7 pounds (not kidding, RE was not very thrilled with this) so losing weight for me is not usually a good thing. I’m hoping that today will be the worst so that tomorrow I can go about what I had planned for the weekend! I hate the fact that this thing completely debilitates me when it comes around. NOT COOL.

I have been taking Tylenol about every four and a half hours. I’ve been taking a little more than I should but for now it is keeping the pain at bay. I am still waiting on my meds to arrive. All I know is that they absolutely better arrive today or I am going to flip a lid. I will also still have to be hunting down some Progesterone since it is on “Back order” and when I checked with my local pharmacies they did not have it, since they do not normally carry that in stock. I e-mailed my nurse to find out what her recommendation would be.

I am glad that this thing is going to be starting again! I hope that it all goes well, that when transfer time comes, my little embies thaw out quite beautifully. My doctor said that they thawed the best ones and that they are excellent little embies. Let’s hope they stick when the time comes in a few weeks. I am really excited to be starting this process all over again to be honest. A transfer is much easier than going through the route of IVF again which hopefully we will not have to visit for awhile. For now, I will be awaiting the arrival of my meds which are supposed to be coming in before 3.

2 thoughts on “Well, AF has arrived. Time to move forward.

  1. Chloe says:

    i’m a very light weight as well, i’m 5’3 & only 44kg 😐 but i’ve always been this little, but its hard around those times when you dont feel like eating at all because of the nausea 🙁 i’m excited for your next transfer as well 🙂

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