Well hi there cankles! Baby shower tomorrow..yay!


Well foot swelling has been hitting me pretty hard lately. Today was the worst that I’ve seen them. Because I have twins and am considered high risk I we nervous when I see so much swelling. I called the doc and they told me my blood pressure has been great and I’ve had no protein in my urine. They moved my appointment to Monday at 1 so hopefully all is well. I know swelling during pregnancy is normal but I don’t want it to turn into something more. I want to be cautious!

On a brighter note, tomorrow is my baby shower. My husband and mother are the ones who are throwing it for me. My husband has been super secretive about it but he’s been hard at work. He got together with my girl friends from work who have also been helping him out! It feels good to be so cared for.

All of the 7th grade teachers at my job threw me a surprise baby shower. Some cute bits from it:



I love my job.
At Monday the whole school will be throwing me a work shower. All of it I above and beyond. I feel really blessed! I’m excited about tomorrow because we will be able to set up the nursery and figure out what else we need to get. It’s becoming a reality. Here is a small glimpse of the nursery:


It’s getting real! I’m 29 weeks today. Once I hit the 30 week mark I will feel like I hit another milestone. I just want to make it to August! Thankfully so far there have been no inclinations that we won’t be able to make it. At every appointment so far the cervix has been fine and everything has been on track. I don’t take for granted that all of that can change in a heartbeat and am thankful every single day that everything has been so smooth. Monday is my last day of school, today was the last day with the students. I can’t wait to finally be able relax and chill out!

The extra fabric has also come in for my bridesmaids dress. Lets see how that turns out.

8 thoughts on “Well hi there cankles! Baby shower tomorrow..yay!

  1. afamilyformcmanda says:

    our baby shower is at the end of july… I agree, it’s nice to have one and know what else you still need to buy for yourself. Glad you’re able to have them so soon!
    oh, and your feet make my feet hurt!!! you poor thing!

    • roadtofertility says:

      They are a little better today! I told my mom to bring her blood pressure machine over so I can check things out. Thankfully I will be at the doctors on Monday! It’s nerve wrecking because I want to make sure I’m not exhibiting signs of preeclampsia. I know swelling during pregnancy is normal but again I’ve never seen my feet like that before!

      • afamilyformcmanda says:

        Glad your mom’s a nurse and can give you a little piece of mind. I could go all OB nurse on you and give you 10 reasons why I’d bet money you don’t have PE, but the best bit of news?? Best medical evidence shows that swelling hardly has anything to do with elevated BP in pregnancy… It’s more likely those TWO babies puttin’ pressure on everything! Either way, prayin’ for you.

  2. trufflelove says:

    yay for your baby shower!! mine’s not until August, and now i’m starting to get scared that I will be a huge whale at mine. I should have done mine a tad earlier like you!

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