What a week!

It has been a really crazy week when it comes to our vehicle! Two weeks ago we had to replace two tires, last week one of the entire tires literally fell off ! We had to pay $600 to get it fixed! Yesterday, hubby and I were about to embark on a much needed date night. As we got ready to pull out of the driveway and switched the shifter into drive, the ENTIRE shifter broke! Literally, our steering wheel is broken. When that happened, I burst into tears. Blame it on the pregnancy but I just couldn’t take another bad thing happening with our car. It’s the car we depend on ┬ábecause our other car is CRAP and we can’t take it out of town. So anyway…this is a problem since all of my doctors appointments are one hour away. On topic that, our church is in Delaware (we live in NJ). Attending church and staying spiritually connected is of utmost importance to me. On top of that, I am very involved and sing on the worship team and am one of the Sunday school teachers. I WANT to be there.

Thankfully my dad has an autobody shop and has connections so he brought one of his mechanics over and they are going to fix it this week, but that left us carless. Plus, it’s pricey.

Silver lining: when we told our pastor we wouldn’t be able to make it to church he offered to pick us up in New Jersey so that we could go. We’re going to stay over his house and hang with his family (they are awesome and young, relates or pastors..I love them!) on top of that, they are going to let us borrow one of their cars for the week since my pastor is going to be in Puerto Rico for this week. They know we have doctors appointments and that we really want to be there! It’s really nice of them and I’m so appreciative! Both cars are gorgeous so we will really have to take care of them!

Had bloodwork this morning and everything is where it should be! Hooray! Yesterday I slept for three hours during the day. I’m so tired lately! Also trying to eat more and drink more water. I have more bloodwork Monday so hopefully everything goes accordingly! I want me healthy twinsies!

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