What’s happening in my neck of the woods.

Hey guys! I wanted to pop in to tell you what’s been happening…can’t wait to get back to regularly blogging a bit more. The lovely and amazing Elisha over at Waiting for Baby Bird nominated me for the Inspiring Blogger Award so I’m working on a post about that. Just came back from an amazing road trip to Texas to help one of my best friends and my little precious niece move (post on that to come…) and the boys’ 1st birthday party was a success. Thank the good Lord. Now I’m enjoying precious time with my family and one of my closest friends from Chicago who flew down to take some time with us. My daily agenda is beach, boardwalk, and stuffing my face with all things yummy. Can’t wait to show you all some cool pics from my trip and especially from Micah and Josiah’s 1st birthday! See you in a week! Xo

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