What’s next for us?

Today we had our follow up with our RE. When we went into the office the nurse (Lisa) said she was sorry about what happened. When we went to talk to our doctor he said that everyone was very surprised about the chemical pregnancy because things looked so good. He walked us through our options and we focused on what my husband and I really want to do the most which is the transfer. Basically, the long and short of it, the trasnfer would happen in early December. He walked us through the meds I would have to take and what we would have to do and that it would be fairly simply. The only problem is that most likely two more cycles of my “Menses” will have gone through which means horrible terrible pain and endometriosis. Not looking forward to that. There is pretty much nothing that can be done about it though until I have the corrective surgery which won’t be until after we have children. The doctor did say though, that pregnancy actually helps endometriosis not hurt as much. Bring on the baby please!

I feel hopeful but was a little disappointing at the timeline. I guess I was thinking it would be faster and we could have the transfer done like early November..but I guess it works out holiday wise too. My body probably needs the time to recuperate from everything as well.

When I got home from the appointment, of course I also come home to a medical bill for $750. The whole thing cost us $14,000 around there and my insurance covered most of it, except for the $750. It could be worse, but it is still money that we have to pull from somewhere.

Trying to stay positive and hopeful and believe for the best. I’m hesitant to get too excited about anything. Basically, until I see a heartbeat, I will be cautious. I’m anxious for this next phase to begin.

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