Why I won’t be going all out this Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s day. The two words will either strike excitement or dread inside of you. For me this year? I feel really indifferent. I am not an anti-Valentine’s day type of gal. Typically our Valentine’s day tradition has been going out with our best friend’s, watching the latest “Valentine’s Day” movie (which this year is Endless Love…I cannot take ONE more commercial!! Make it stop!), and grabbing a bite to eat. Nothing out of the norm. Here is a look at us two years ago..we were watching The Vow or some Nicholas Sparks movie (with our BFF’s, not pictured)..


But this year? I don’t really want to do anything. In fact, when my husband mentioned that he and his brother wanted to cook dinner for my best friend and I…I couldn’t help but sigh internally. What I immediately thought:

“Great…now I will have to make sure the house is clean, the dishes are in order..we have decent table settings..I just want to relax…” I know, I sound like a brat right? Or do I?

Reasons I don’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year:

1. No really, I don’t want to do anything. I want to be lazy relax.

I go back to work in two weeks. I want to spend the time I do have, not doing much of anything…because soon I will be doing much of EVERYTHING. My life is about to get crazy with 60+ papers to grade every other day and other pressures of teaching. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited about going back to work, but I am also preparing myself for what will come with it.

2. I have the best gifts already.

My boys make this Valentine’s Day for me already. The fact that I have them in my arms is more than enough.

3. Crowds + no specials? No thank you!

If you follow my blog, you know I am a cheapskate. I am also on the end of not working, so saving and not spending is crucial. Because places make a killing on this holiday, there are usually not many specials happening. No thank you! On top of it all, even when V day is on a weekday, restaurants are packed…now imagine it being on a Friday. AHHHH.

4. But who will watch the babies?

Getting someone to babysit on Valentine’s Day? Pretty unlikely! I would feel bad even asking.

5. And to be honest, I want to spend this day WITH them.

They won’t care, but I will. It may seem corny, but I want to spend this day with my babes. All three of them. They are my Valentine’s! Cue the cheesy background music.

6. In the words of one of The Bachelor Contestants…it feels “inorganic.”

When I go out to a restaurant/movie and see the other 382918 couples…it just feels inorganic. Lots of people are dressed up, with a rose or some type of something, acting extra mushy and handsy…lol I know I sound like a weirdee but truly, it makes me feel odd! It’s not like watching The Hunger Games at a midnight viewing with all the other die hard fans…this just makes me feel “ehh.”

7. I would rather go all out for my birthday instead.

Instead of doing something big for V Day with the rest of the country, I would rather go all out on my birthday instead. After all, it’s my special day (which of course, I probably share with millions around the world..but still) and on that special day, there will not be a zillion people in my town doing the same thing. On top of all that, my birthday is March 2…close to Valentine’s Day, so if I had to choose, I choose my birthday!

8. I want lovin’ every single day of the year.

Yes, a lot of anti-Valentine’s day people say it…but it does have truth to it. Be random, romantic, creative, and special throughout the year. It doesn’t have to be something special EVERY SINGLE DAY..let’s be real, that’s a lot of pressure. But I can dig once in awhile! And guess what? I’m easy to please (even though after reading this you’re probably thinking – yeah right)..but truly, the ways to my heart are not hard.

DSCN0925 (1)

This year I would love to spend this day with the people pictured. My dream day would include a yummy breakfast at home, an outing to the mall or to Target to browse and get the babies out of this house, coming back home and getting in my PJ’s, watching The Middle and possibly a romantic movie after putting the babies to bed. There would be lots of cuddles and kisses involved.

What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day? Do you have any special plans?

2 thoughts on “Why I won’t be going all out this Valentine’s day.

  1. afamilyformcmanda says:

    i agree momma. I had to be in class across the state Friday and I came home that night because all I wanted to do for v-day was be with my boys 🙂 i might be boring, but it’s what makes me happy! enjoy your last 2 weeks of leave! it seems to me that no matter how much time you have off (and no matter how much you love your job) it’s just not enough!

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      Thanks girl! I don’t mind being boring either! Glad you were able to make it to spend Valentine’s day with your loves! I know, as much as I have kind of wanted to go back to work, a feeling of dread is starting to overtake! It’s going to be a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.

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