Winter Woes, Twin Toddlerhood, and Summer Dreamin’

I’ve fallen off the horse a bit when it comes to blogging and it makes me super sad! I really want to get back on simply because I love to share and connect with other bloggers in the bloggy world. Things have been hectic and insane with my husband in real estate school for the past two months from 5-10 every Tuesday and Thursday. Other days are packed with other things so I basically feel like I haven’t seen him for two months. I know it’s worth it though – he just passed his second test with flying colors and now only has to take the state test sometime next week. HOORAY!

Those that have been following my blog know that my husband left his job in June and the plan was for him to be a stay at home dad for awhile, but God had other plans. A job opportunity opened up in September as a person to help around at a real estate office (taking pics of home, doing other tasks, etc). This is crazy crazy crazy blessing and opportunity because it was so unexpected and he is being given an awesome opportunity.  We have learned so much through this experience but to keep it short and simple we have learned this – TRUST GOD. Fully. Completely. Don’t try to “figure it all out” because God has everything under control. When you take a step of faith, God will meet you there. We really felt like God was in his decision to leave his old job so it’s amazing that God has opened up this opportunity and my husband has been shown so much favor. It’s pretty awesome and I’m really looking forward to the things that God has in store for us this year.

Now what you are really here for, updates on my boys! They are 19 months and are about 27 pounds (Micah is smaller of course). Currently they have been dealing with ear infections but have been in amazing spirits.
Foods they love – Mandarin oranges, bananas, cheetos (their guilty pleasure), cheerios, and anything we tell them they can’t have. Oh, and anything we are eating of course.
Personalities – Micah is a stage 10 clinger. He is like a little lemur monkey that is attached to me at ALL times. He cries when he is overwhelmed with tons of people trying to talk to him or interact with him (like at church) and is super sensitive. In short, he is a replica of what I was like when I was his age. Josiah is independent and loves to do everything on his own. He LOVES to rough play with his daddy. He also likes to play with other kids his own age who aren’t his brother. Go figure! There is a little girl his age at our church that he loves. He lays down next to her when she lays on the floor, tries to talk with her, and generally has a blast with her. They are SO different! It’s a lot of fun.
Developmental Progress: Micah is right where he needs to be. He is talkative and engages with us almost all of the time. Josiah is a little bit behind when it comes to speech. From hanging out with other twin mommies, it seems like there seems to be one who is more vocal than the other. That makes me feel a bit better. Guess it goes with the dominant twin theory? Nonetheless, we are monitoring it closely. It’s hard not to compare one to the other when they’re twins and are the exact same age.

Favorite Thing to Do: Play with musical instruments. Josiah is obsessed with the guitar. Play guitars and REAL guitars. At church, if we don’t stop him he will run right to the front and try to strum the strings on the guitar players guitar. They are both into drumming too!

Here are the latest pics:

When the boys were at the doctor’s office for their ear infection – Micah sleeping and JoJo ready to party!

Hanging out with the little lemur.

Their favorite way to spend the morning. Hanging out on the couch, watching Special Agent Oso.

“Mom, we just want to jump in the crib. Stop taking our pics.”

Trying to feed each other Cheerios!

Hugging his bear. My husband’s voice is recorded into it and it sings his name. When the hubs is working he likes to hug it out!

Missing Daddy!

They are on their 3rd haircut! Their hair grows so fast! My little Chia pets.

My little men.

I can’t wait for the summer because it feels like I’ve had them trapped in the house like little prisoners this whole winter! It’s just been SO COLD. I’m talking we’ve had 0 degree weather at times. As I write this, we have about nine inches of snow outside. What a winter! This summer I have so many plans for the boys! I usually pick up curriculum work but this summer I just want to spend time with my little guys, family, and friends so I have been saving so that I won’t need to work this summer. Woot woot! Adventures include:

Anything else that comes on the list! This summer we are trying to figure out where we want to go on vacation .Some options we are toying with – Hershey, Langhorne, or Lancaster, PA; Williamsburg, Virginia; or Ocean City, MD. Can you tell I’m really, REALLY, looking forward to the summer?

What about you? What plans do you have for vacationing this summer, if any? OR perhaps you have some suggestions for us? We are looking to stay close to NJ and not spend an insane amount. Feel free to share your thoughts! Xo

6 thoughts on “Winter Woes, Twin Toddlerhood, and Summer Dreamin’

  1. randomsqueaks says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun! I read some christian fiction books set in Amish families and I’m very interested in them now. My husband isn’t interested and honestly, I’d rather go to the beach too. Super excited to have toddlers at the beach this summer instead of barely sitting up babies. I just hope neither of us has to deal with too much sand throwing and eating.
    Keep up with the blogging, no matter how infrequent. I love seeing how your two boys are growing!

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      Thanks for the encouragement to continue to continue blogging! The Amish are fascinating! We’ve been to Lancaster quite often and have even had a buggy tour driven by an Amish person. It’s quite interesting the life they live! We did beach last summer and by the time the boys got use to it, it was time to go back home! This year I think they will enjoy it more! Can’t wait to catch up on your blog! ❤️

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