Working our way OUT.

Wow. The last time I posted my son was in the PICU on the way to getting better.

Micah and I have “graduated” to the 3rd floor now and are in the regular patient section. He was extubated several days ago! HOORAY. This means that they took of all of the tubing that was down his throat helping him to breath, OUT! ::::Happy dance:::
From there he was put on something called “Vapotherm” which basically delivered a high flow of oxygen to him, and then he was weaned off of that and then moved to the regular patient floor where he requires absolutely NO oxygen. WHOO! Can you tell I’m excited through my excessive use of CAPS LOCK (see I did it again.)

Before I explain where we are at now, I just wanted to take a minute to give a huge thank you to everyone who took the time out to pray for my son. Prayer is effective and I firmly believe it is because of prayer that Micah is doing so well. He went from fighting for his life last Friday, to having a turnaround that very Saturday. Amazing amazing amazing.

At this moment, we are still in the hospital. We are still here because he needs to be weaned off of the medication they gave him to sedate him. He will be off of the morphine tomorrow. He is also “learning” how to feed again appropriately. I’m hoping to be home by tomorrow or Sunday and hopefully not a day longer. I am growing extremely weary of the hospital. I am quite desperate to get home as it has been three weeks since I have been home where my husband and my other beloved son, Josiah is!! Micah is actually doing very well with his feedings. He had a bit of a “scare” a couple of nights ago. I was feeding him some of his vitamins through a bottle, mixed in with breast milk, he was working really hard to down it and after the feeding he had a bunch of retractions. They put him on some vapotherm for the night and he did great after that. When I saw those retractions though, I was a hot mess. It kept reminding me of what brought him in to the ER in the first place. The nurses and doctors comforted me and gave me lots of hugs, sent me (more like commanded me…) to sleep, and in the morning he was great. Because of that however, we had to work with him on feeding all over again. This has required me working with the hospital’s speech therapist (to see how he swallows) and also with a lactation consultant to see if we can have him breast feed as well. I have been pumping exclusively but have not had the opportunity to work with my boys on breastfeeding. Micah did well today though and latched and even drank a good amount! Another victory. However, as of tomorrow his feedings will be the sole hold up for why we are still here.

In my humble opinion, I think Micah is ready to go home. He will simply require more frequent feedings for a little bit and I will have to pace him so that he doesn’t tire out easily. Even the lactation consultant thinks he is ready to go. He has come SUCH a long way from when he was admitted. He is hardly even coughing anymore, and everyone tells me that the coughing can last up to six weeks. *sigh* BUT..if staying in the hospital for a couple more days is what they think is best, of course I will comply. I am just getting so anxious to be home again.

I can’t wait to be reunited with my husband and Josiah. I can’t wait for the four of us to feel like a family and be under the same roof. I’m so desperate for it! It’s hard being in the hospital all of the time..especially when we are so close to the finish line..and especially when you are in another state and alone. I’m finding that some doctors are more aggressive than others…everyone has been giving me a different tentative date for going home. Another thing I can’t stand are all of the residents that are in the hospital! During rounds there are literally 10-15 doctors outside of the room. When I’m called out there to talk to them I literally feel like I’m on a stage..they’re all staring at me and I get so nervous. I just want to talk to one doctor please and thank you. I know that they’re learning and all..but it can be overwhelming and even confusing at time to find out who is the one making the calls on my son. The residents are more cautious than the doctors, so I think if it were up to them I would be here forever and a day. I can’t keep track of them.

But..I digress. The point is – Micah is getting better and for that I’m so extremely grateful. Being in the hospital has been such an eye opener and has changed me so much. I don’t think I can ever be the same again. Being in the PICU, there were two deaths on the floor. Do you know what it is for children to die? Horrible. I was in the lactation room pumping when the mother of the patient who passed away found out…I will never forget it. She was running down the hall screaming, “NO NO NO NO NO! THIS CAN’T BE! GOD NOO!” Her voice will stay with me forever. As a mom hearing another mom deal with that…it just haunts you. There is a lot of sadness here as children deal with terminal illnesses 🙁 It truly opens your eyes and makes you reevaluate things.

Josiah came up here yesterday to get a biopsy for Hirschsprung Disease. We will find out Monday if he has it or not…I’m hoping and praying not. He has been doing so well! My husband has been doing a stellar job being with a newborn on his own. It’s hard. I have so much respect for parents who do that all of the, I have a new appreciation for you. My husband and I have gotten a slight glimpse at what life would be like if we were on our own without each other…not a fun view! All in all, God has equipped us with strength and grace to get through this. We are almost at the finish line.

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  1. Shanna says:

    I’m glad to hear Micah is doing so well, PJ & I will say a little prayer that he can come home soon! I will also be cheering for you with working with the boys to breastfeed – I will tell you that it is the most difficult project I have EVER undertaken, but it was worth it! I know your hospital is far from home, make sure you ask them to recommend a lactation consultant nearer to you, even if it’s just for support over the phone. I could not have done it alone, and I can only imagine how much support you will need for twins. Hang in there, and it will be SO worth it!

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